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Manoj Kumar Yadav Manoj Kumar Yadav      
Founder & CEO

Social media has changed everything about the way we do business. Focusing on the idea Mr. Manoj Yadav founded bizeso in 2008, to improve the way world communicates. He says,” Social media has broken down the boundaries for businesses that have adopted it because it allows companies and their clients to communicate directly and frequently, forming strong relationships. And those businesses which do not get on the social media bandwagon soon will not survive.”
His primary vision was to build a common platform for business, entertainment and social networking and making sure people have fun while they’re at it. After his software engineering, he ran APTECH franchise for five years but his aptitude for being an entrepreneur led him to found bizeso. He’s a man with clear cut aspirations and is the outcome of his perseverance, focus, passion and is one of the world’s biggest portal providing ample opportunities for people to reach out to their each and every concern. The founder of and BP24x7, he has been a game changer in the space of business networking since he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2008. He is a potential thinker, made successful projects while he was in college and tasted the flavor of success. It gave a new dimension to his thinking and since then he never looked back. Instead of searching a rewarding job after software engineering he decided to be an entrepreneur. While 2008 witnessed unprecedented credit crisis and economy went into a tailspin across the world, it could not shake his determination to satisfy the growing business appetite and networking trend among the people, both at one place. “And if you could get to know the individual or company whom you are dealing with, socially as well as commercially, it can’t get better than this”, says Manoj Yadav. Social networking sites or business networking sites have been around long enough but Manoj Yadav is the pioneer to bring them together at one place.And this is not all,he has a lot more in store for everyone as he believes “Satisfaction is the end of success.”
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